© Chiara Ceolin, Broad Vision 2012.

Welcome to my website. The content offers insights into my experiences as educator in the creative arts and my research into the creative process, collective learning, interdisciplinarity, intercultural exchange, learning environments and students as co-creators.

My research has been published widely, most recently in the co-authored chapter Using Cross-disciplinary Object-based Learning to Create Collaborative Learning Environments with Judy Willcocks, published in Teaching and Learning Innovations in Higher Education by Libri Publishing. and the co-authored article in Leonardo Co-creation Across Spaces of Uncertainty: Interdisciplinary Research and Collaborative Learning with Mark Clements.

Other writings capturing my current concerns and thinking can be found in the Decolonising the Arts Zine #2 (or as a visual reflection) and the forthcoming reflective piece The untold challenges of European interaction through collaborative projects with Naomi Bulliard. The latter focuses on our amazing, challenging, yet rewarding intercultural venture with the European Academy of Participation. and will be published in 2021 by Avinus Verlag Hamburg. 

I am also involved in FUEL4DESIGN, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership between Central Saint Martins, Milan Politecnico, Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, and Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The project focuses on curriculum innovation and developing Futures Literacy in Design. Here are my reflections on ‘co-created futures’ emerging from this project. In March 2020 I was invited by the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar to share first discoveries of the project via Hacking Futures – Futures Hacking: How to imagine, shape and design alternate futures as part of Unfreezing: Conference about the future of teaching and learning.

In November 2020,  Mark Ingham and I co-facilitated a ‘walk shop’ during the ELIA Biennial Conference. Creating Transdisciplinary Stories critiqued established ideas of disciplinary quality, and invited participants to explore how transdisciplinary conversations can enable us to reimagine and reinvent communities as collective knowledge producers. We will share our reflections soon!