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Welcome to my website. The content offers insights into my experiences as educator in the creative arts and my research into the creative process, collective learning, interdisciplinarity, learning environments and students as co-creators.

My research has been published widely, most recently in the co-authored article for Leonardo Co-creation Across Spaces of Uncertainty: Interdisciplinary Research and Collaborative Learning with Mark Clements,  and the collaboratively produced case study Looking: Thinking: Making with Claire Robertson. 

In November 2018,  I was invited to moderate the Open Space at the 15th ELIA Biennal Conference in Rotterdam: Resilience and the City: Art, Education, Urbanism. Hosted at Codarts University of the Arts and Willem de Kooning Academy / Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Around the same time I was guest editor for Spark: UAL Creative Teaching and Learning Journal. Have a look at some inspiring and thought provoking contributions by colleagues from across the UAL community!

I am currently co-writing a reflective piece on The untold challenges of European interaction through collaborative projects with Naomi Bulliard. We are focusing on our amazing, challenging, yet rewarding intercultural venture with the European Academy of Participation. To be published soon.

I have also embarked on a new research project with Rebecca Ross, David Roberts and graduates and students from MA Graphic Design Communication at Central Saint Martins. Co-creating Learning Tools for Incorporating Practical Ethics into Higher Education in Design aims to enhance and expand existing approaches to ethical concerns and questions in the context of their increasing relevance and importance to all fields of design.