I have been involved in a range of projects as teacher, artist, and researcher. I have worked, for example, with young homeless people on the Inside Eye Photography Project at Crescent House Foyer; taught photography courses at the Big Issue Foundation  and the St. Giles Trust, and have been lead artist during a visual spectacle engaging unemployed young people to create photographic digital and 3D artworks at Gallery 37 in Birmingham.

My passion for teaching photography has taken me as far as China, where I led a student / staff collaboration between the University of Westminster  and the University of GuangzhouFocus on Guangzhou: A photographic journey through South Chinese Culture.


England : Germany, Deutschland : England

A collaboration with an English artist / researcher. The project is structured around places of personal significance to either or both of us, in both countries. It involves an exploration of historical and contemporary relationships between the two countries in these significant places. Through dialogue and research, we identify journeys (mostly undertaken on foot) that enable us to discover points of connection and relevance. The journeys are documented in various ways, including photographically, in the form of maps and by recording conversations, both between each other, and with others en route. The project started in October 2010, and it is ongoing.



Images – Bilder – Text – Wortlaut – Thoughts – Gedanken

A project with Bernd Eickhorst which explores the interactions between two artists in different locations, Bremen and London, and our exchange of images, texts, and thoughts.

fly & text


tutti quanti

During COVID-19, I was invited to contribute to a selection of postcards. Inspired by lack of physical touch and human interaction, alongside screen fatigue, each postcard creates a moment of screen free time. For the sender, as well as the recipient. Take a look at the selection and be prepared for your mind to wander.